Summer Bookstore Accounts

The Summer Bookstore accounts are now open!

Watch your Ranken email for information on books.


Summer 2023-2024 Student Book and Tools process:

Once you are authorized to purchase books and tools, you have the option to wait an hour before going to the Bookstore to allow the information to be updated, or you may go to the Registrar's office to receive a copy of your schedule to use in the Bookstore Immediately.

Students at other campuses will reach out to Mike Mays or Patrick Glynn in the admissions offices to receive their required materials.

All General Education classes will have digital books. See Bookstore for any questions. 


Bookstore Hours

Monday - Thursday:  7:30am - 6:00pm


Friday:  7:30am - 3:30pm

Digital Textbook Information

Step 1:

Student will log into Cengage using the newly added Learning Tool on Inside Ranken.


Step 2:

Students will be directed to unique-to-Ranken Cengage sign in webpage.  They will either sign in if they have a username from a previous semester here, or they will create a new account under “New Users”.  **Note- This means they do not need to create a new account if they are returning students.



Step 3:

Once logged in, they will be greeted with a “My Home” page.  Note that there are two search boxes in the upper-right hand corner: “Enter Access Code/Course Key” or “Search the Catalog”.



Step 4:

If the instructor uses MindTap or WebAssign and has a Course Key, the student will locate the Course Key on the instructor’s Main Page and enter it in the “Enter Access Code/Course Key” search box.


If the instructor does not use MindTap or WebAssign the student will locate the ISBN number of the etextbook being used on the instructor’s Main Page and enter it in the “Search the catalog” search box.  **Note that the student can leave the hyphens in the ISBN number. A student can also just add the title of textbook as well if the ISBN is giving them trouble.



Step 5:

Once the Course Key or ISBN number is entered, the ebook and appropriate learning systems will be added to the student’s My Home page on Cengage.


You can now enjoy their Cengage Learning materials. 

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