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1. To call a specific office on campus, go to Contact Us at the bottom of this webpage.
2. To ask a question, select the “We’re Online” chat feature (bottom right of screen).
3. To contact a member of the Student Success Team or your Success Advisor, go to the Student Services tab (above), then select the Student Success Center.
4. To contact the Ranken Help Desk, call 314-286-3693 or email

Login Issues?

If you forgot your password, please go to  to change your password and unlock your account. If you have forgotten your login, please see support.


Check Your Ranken Email

You can check your student email for any new updates or changes around the college at

**********************************Please Read- Important Notice*****************************************

It is very important for you to follow these instructions to continue to access your email and office apps on your desktop, phone, and the website. Information Services will be enabling multi-factor authentication for your Office account beginning Tuesday, September 7. Please follow the  instructions: Student - MFA Setup User Guide before Tuesday, September 7 to update your contact methods.



Multi-Factor Authentication for Email and Office 365. Multi-Factor authentication (a.k.a. MFA) is a method to help better secure email accounts and Office 365 access. This additional security comes from having to Approve the sign-ins to your account using a mobile device.



Below is a non-exhaustive list of email clients that are known to be compatible with Office 365 multi-factor authentication:

  • Outlook Web -
  • Outlook 2019 - Windows or Mac
  • Outlook 365 - Windows/Mac
  • Outlook 2016 - Windows or Mac
  • Outlook App - Android or iOS
  • Native Mail App - iOS 11 or later
  • Mac Mail - Mac OS 10.14 or later
  • Thunderbird 77.0b1 and later



If you need help, please contact helpdesk.