Latest Update: September 19, 2022


Ranken Technical College is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, our actions have been guided by the CDC guidelines, along with the various counties’ guidelines and mandates. We continue to respond to the latest COVID-19 conditions with policies that will allow us to learn, work, and be in the community together safely.


Students are asked to follow the latest CDC guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19. As with any illness, we ask that students stay home if they are experiencing symptoms and inform their technical instructor that they will be absent from class. Students should keep all medical documentation, including test results. In the event a student needs to complete a Notice of Appeal Form for exceeding the allowable number of absences in a course, the student will then upload any medication documentation at that time.


Current COVID-19 Guidelines & Information


St. Louis City Health Department:

St. Louis County Health Department:

St. Charles County Health Department:

Perry County Health Department:


Find community COVID-19 levels and prevention steps by county


Tested Positive for COVID-19?
Student quarantines at home for 5 days, starting from symptom onset date. Student wears mask for 5 days following quarantine.

Exposed to COVID-19?
Student wears mask for 10 days following exposure.


Wearing Masks

While masks will no longer be required by the City of St. Louis, any of our students or faculty/staff who wish to continue wearing them may do so. Some are ready for masks to go away but some also understandably still have concerns and will continue wearing them. Please be respectful of those making choices different from your own.



Eligible students that will receive Emergency Relief Grants due to the CARES Act need to sign up for e-refunds ASAP.


How to:

Receive Invoices, make Payments, enroll in a payment plan, print 1098T tax forms, sign up for eRefunds and more ...

  • Log into your lnsideRanken Account
  • Click on the Finances Tab
  • Click the red link, PAY ONLINE
  • This will take you to Cash net
  • Here you will be able to see your different options for eRefunds1 eBills, Payment plans, and 1098T tax forms