SSC Schedule and Tutors

For specific tutoring times available click on the schedule at the bottom of the page. For department tutors some will require you to contact them directly to schedule tutoring. Contact the SSC for their information.

Writing & BSAM Tutor:

     Rita Kiry

Career Success Skills & Online Courses via email:

     Brooke Jackson

Math Tutor:

     Adam Layne

Tutors By Department:

    Automotive Collision Repair -

     Automotive Maintenance Technology - Anthony Carden

     Architectural Technology - Abigail Francis, Sydney Harris

     Electrical - Michael Ratcliff 


     Industrial Technology - Austin Spears

     Information Technology:

                    AWD - Vincent Gonzalez, Sheridan Schmerbach

                    Cisco & Networking - Sam Novy

                    OS - Garrett Thompson, John Price


     Plumbing - 


   Wentzville Campus -

             BSE - Preston McDaniel

                 IT -

SSC Schedule

 (Click the image to enlarge the SSC schedule)