CBA Overview

The Credit-By-Assessment (CBA) program is intended to allow incoming students an opportunity to test out of a semester of their major. These incoming students are typically "traditional students" who are entering Ranken either directly or soon after completing high school and who were enrolled in technical education in their high schools.

If any students are interested and it is available (please see the options and/or Competency Lists below), they may attempt a written CBA for no more than one semester of their major at no cost. If students complete the attempted written CBA with a 75% or better, they may attempt the same semester's hands-on CBA, which will require a fee of $250. If they pass the hands-on CBA with a 75% or better, the students will have successfully tested out of that semester of their major.

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This document lists the courses for which CBAs are available. Below, the Competency Lists are available for the listed courses.

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Manufacturing Division