Student Success Department

Ranken St. Louis 

Address: 4431 Finney Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63113

Phone: (314) 286-4891
Contact for help with:
Tutoring and academic support; learning, medical & physical disability accommodations; program/major exploration and changes. 
Monday – Thursday 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Friday 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.


Ranken West
Address: 755 Parr Rd., Wentzville, MO 63385
Phone: (314) 286-3671
Monday – Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Ranken Southeast
Address: 1907 N. Perryville Blvd., Perryville MO 63775
Phone: (314) 286-3382
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Pariss Reese

Pariss Reese

Hello, everyone! I am Pariss Reese, Student Success Counselor at the Ranken Technical College St. Louis location. I have been with Ranken for 16 years and have served in a wide variety of roles at the College. I'm happy to bring my experience to help our students find success from their first day of class to graduation. Please contact me with scheduling needs, academic concerns, computer/online support or general obstacles and challenges.


While I'm able to assist all majors, my primary departments are Information Technology (Cloud Technology, Network Systems Management, Network Architecture & Design) and Electrical (Control Systems, Automation, Design). 


I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Missouri at Columbia and a certificate in Deaf Communication Studies (ASL) from St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley.


If you need anything during your time at Ranken, please do not hesitate to reach out. I look forward to working with you!


Office: Finney 209 (across the hall from the Library in St. Louis)


Phone: 314.286.3639

Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, can be adjusted for student need


I am your Success Counselor/Coach/Advisor if you are enrolled in any of the following day programs at St. Louis. These include Electrical (Automation, Control Systems & Design Systems) and Information Technology (Cloud Technology, Network Architecture & Network Systems). In addition, I'm able to assist with all students enrolled in our Bachelor of Science in Management program.


Stacy Ables-Williams

Hi!  My name is Stacy Ables-Williams, I am a member of the Student Success Team located on the second floor in Finney Building Ste 209, in St. Louis.  I have my Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling.   I have been working with students on the post-secondary level for over 15 years.   Life can be challenging, with my education and years of experience together we will work on strategies for a successful outcome. My goal is to help you stay on track to achieve your goal of graduating and working in your field of study.

My hours are:

Monday - Friday:   7:30am to 3:30pm  Although, I can adjust my schedule to meet with you.

Office: Finney Building, F209 (St. Louis) 

Phone:   314-286-4845


I am your Success Counselor/Coach/Advisor if you are enrolled in any of the following day programs at St. Louis. These include Application & Web Development, Architecture and Fabrication and Welding.


Sara Worley


Hello! My name is Sara Worley and I am your Student Success Counselor for Ranken at the St. Louis location. I am so excited to start my journey here since my passion lies in working with students in the college setting. I am the primary counselor for the Automotive division, but I am happy to help all of our students here at Ranken!

I have a Bachelor’s degree focusing in psychology from the University of Tennessee at Martin. I am also originally from Nashville, TN. 

Please feel free to reach out to me for anything you need like scheduling or computer issues; or even if you need someone to talk to. I am more than willing to try to help with anything. I look forward to working with the students here at Ranken.

Office: Finney 209


Phone: 314.286.3647


Kelly Small

Kelly Small

Hello!  I am Kelly Small, Program Manager and liaison for the partnership between College Bound St. Louis and Ranken Technical College.  Although I am new to the position, I am very familiar with both organizations from my own personal experiences with College Bound and helping my former St. Louis Public School Dual Enrollees to navigate the college experience as high school students.  

I am available to work with students in any day programs.  If you need assistance, contact me.

Office: Gray Building, Room 110 (G110)

Kelly Small (she/her) 

Ranken Program Manager 

Cell: 314-757-8909 | office: 314-286-3643 

CB Email:  | Website: 

Ranken Email: 

Emily Malabey

Emily Malabey


My name is Emily Malabey, and I am your Student Success Counselor for our Ranken-West campuses.

As students, you have made an important step towards your future by choosing a program with Ranken. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, with concentration in Psychology and Legal Studies. I have a diverse background of professional experience, which includes leadership roles in education, advocacy, and vocational rehabilitation. 

Along with my education and experience, I am passionate about helping people overcome obstacles, and realize their potential. I look forward to working with you as you continue your journey. I am your advisor if you attend Wentzville, Troy, or Perryville.

Phone: 314-286-4873


Office: Taylor Building, 2nd Floor, 755 Parr Road Wentzville, MO 63385 





Emily Malabey







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Library Collections and Interlibrary Loan Services

For detailed guides to these resources, see the Helpful Handouts section, which is linked to your left.

Concourse Catalog: Search for books available for checkout in Ranken’s Student Success Center.

WorldCat: Check out the resources available at libraries around the world. Some local St. Louis Libraries will send books to our location via Inter Library Loan. Ask how at the SSC desk.

CBA Overview

The Credit-By-Assessment (CBA) program is intended to allow incoming students an opportunity to test out of a semester of their major. These incoming students are typically "traditional students" who are entering Ranken either directly or soon after completing high school and who were enrolled in technical education in their high schools.

If any students are interested and it is available (please see the options and/or Competency Lists below), they may attempt a written CBA for no more than one semester of their major at no cost. If students complete the attempted written CBA with a 75% or better, they may attempt the same semester's hands-on CBA, which will require a fee of $250. If they pass the hands-on CBA with a 75% or better, the students will have successfully tested out of that semester of their major.

(.pdf, 676K)

This document lists the courses for which CBAs are available. Below, the Competency Lists are available for the listed courses.

(.pdf, 55K)

Manufacturing Division

Tutoring Services

Learn more about the Student Success department's tutoring services, our current tutors' availability and how to apply to join our peer support team! 

This document lists our technical and general education peer/instructor tutors, a free support service to all current Ranken students. Scheduling tutoring sessions ahead of time is strongly recommended. Some sessions may be held virtually via Zoom, Microsoft TEAMS or Discord. 

Check back often as new program tutors are being constantly added or changed! 

Last Update: 2.8.2024

(.doc, 95K)

If you're interested in a job working in and/or for the Student Success Department, please complete this application and drop it off to any employee in the Student Success suite in F209.

(.pdf, 194K)
Learn more about tutoring services at Ranken and how to access this free resource!
(.pdf, 33K)

Inside Ranken and Cengage

This section includes instructions for accessing courses via Inside Ranken and accessing course materials using CENGAGE.

Open this guide if you are only using a CENGAGE textbook.

(.pdf, 41K)

Open this guide if you are using the MindTap or WebAssign learning platforms through CENGAGE.

(.pdf, 41K)

This document will walk you through how to get started with Inside Ranken and your Ranken student email account, including reviewing how to access those sites and what information, resources and tools are available on those sites.

(.pdf, 1130K)

Testing Information and Forms

These documents apply to various testing proctored by the Student Success Center.
This packet includes all the information necessary to prepare for the Career Success Skills Credit-By-Examination (CBE).
(.docx, 1583K)
This "study guide" directs individuals planning to take the standard Industrial Testing to books, available for use in the Student Success Center (NOT for checkout), that may assist them in preparing for their testing.
(.pdf, 102K)
Learn more about the Ranken STEPS Math program and process and how to successfully complete this program and move on through your chosen major and degree or certificate program.
(.pdf, 43K)

Ranken Technical College awards college credit for CLEP exams.  Open this guide to learn more.

(.pdf, 78K)

Online Catalog and Databases

Please find information regarding the Online Catalog and Databases in this section's handouts.

This document will assist you in evaluating Internet sources and identifying the best and most reliable sources to use for your research purposes.

(.pdf, 99K)

Detailed listing of Ranken's physical periodical collection, arranged by subject matter.

(.pdf, 69K)
This handout includes information regarding using the Ranken Concourse Catalog and locating books within the Student Success Center.
(.pdf, 152K)

This handout details where to search for books in Ranken's physical library collection, and provides a listing of Databases available for student usage.

(.pdf, 77K)

How to access EBSCO EBooks from home or on

(.pdf, 399K)

Ranken Scripts

Learn strategies for math success at Ranken Technical College.
(.pdf, 37K)
Learn more about your learning style and how best to help yourself in the class room, while studying and on testing days!
(.pdf, 30K)
Find out why Ranken uses Academic Referrals and what it means to get one.
(.pdf, 28K)
Learn how to be successful and to earn the grade you want in Ranken's online courses.
(.pdf, 33K)
Find out how to make the most of the time you spend reading and how to boost your intake of content and comprehension.
(.pdf, 37K)
Learn how to manage test anxiety in order to earn better scores and be more successful in your courses.
(.pdf, 33K)
Get tips on effective and efficient note-taking strategies.
(.pdf, 33K)
Learn strategies to help you answer different types of test questions and to, ideally, improve your test scores.
(.pdf, 30K)
Learn strategies and access key words and symbols for solving math word problems.
(.pdf, 34K)
Learn various test-taking skills that might help improve your test scores and success in Ranken's courses.
(.pdf, 36K)
Learn various time management strategies in order to achieve success at Ranken Technical College.
(.pdf, 32K)
Read these Top 10 Tips for suggestions on how to be successful at Ranken Technical College!
(.pdf, 45K)
Learn more about Work Ethic at Ranken Technical College and what is expected of Ranken students.
(.pdf, 36K)

Missouri College Guidebook

This guidebook was created by the Missouri Association on Higher Education and Disability and may be used by students with further questions about accommodations and disability support services at the college level.
This guidebook was created by the Missouri Association on Higher Education and Disability and may be used by students with further questions about accommodations and disability support services at the college level.
(.pdf, 1246K)